Book reflections, beginning with Kuhn’s Structure of Scientific Revolutions

One of the things I’d like to do in this blog is to reflect and comment on interesting books that I’m reading. For the most part I’ll do this for books that I expect to contribute to some idea that I’m hoping to write more on, which is why I’m starting with Thomas Kuhn’s The Structure of Scientific Revolutions. I’ve read it before, but I want to do it more carefully this time and with a particular eye to the lead-up to and consequences of an idea that Kuhn introduces later in the book: that a paradigm shift in a sense literally changes the world that the scientist is responding to. It’s not just that the scientist interprets phenomena differently, but that she literally sees things that were previously invisible because they were irrelevant within the previous paradigm.

This post is just to introduce what I’m planning to do. I hope to finish the first of the series on Kuhn’s book in the next day or two.

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