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Focusing innovation on what’s real

Worth calling this out. At a panel on innovation in education, Clay Shirky cut through the blah-blah with this: “If you think about our stock keeping inside the university, there are seven big constructs: class, course, grade, credit, degree, department, … Continue reading

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The budget issue that’s not in the conversation

Whether you think we should trim the deficit right now or not, this paragraph from the CBO onĀ Options for Reducing the Deficit gives a stark picture of the underlying issue. Most striking to me is that most of us probably … Continue reading

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Radical change ahead

I suspect it qualifies as at least moderately unusual when a European civil servant and recent head of the WTO publicly calls us to “break the monopoly of nation states in world government.” I got to hear Pascal Lamy speak … Continue reading

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Creating civic value on a massive scale

Clay Shirky’s TED talk on how cognitive surplus, the 1 trillion hours of human spare time available, can change the world: Interesting points: Communal value (LOLcats) versus civic value (Ushahidi) Free cultures get what they celebrate (Dean Kamen) Looking … Continue reading

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