Radical change ahead

I suspect it qualifies as at least moderately unusual when a European civil servant and recent head of the WTO publicly calls us to “break the monopoly of nation states in world government.” I got to hear Pascal Lamy speak briefly yesterday at Quartz.com’s The Next Billion forum. Lamy headed the Oxford Martin Commission for Future Generations, charged with examining the major challenges and opportunities facing the world over the next generation and making recommendations about what actions to take.

The resulting report, Now for the Long Term is fascinating, frightening, exciting and … daunting. I’ve skimmed through it, but it’s going to take me a while to really digest it all. But just for flavor, especially for those of us in the U.S., the following two charts beautifully sum up one of the really interesting radical changes facing us: over the next 15-20 years 3 billion people will be entering the global middle class and they are not in Kansas.

GlobalMiddleClass-OxfordMartin       EconomicGravityCenter-OxfordMartin

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3 Responses to Radical change ahead

  1. Eric Muirhead says:

    I started reading the report then the download froze up, I’ll try again later, but what read sounds dangerously close to common sense and we frown on that around here. I wish that was more of a joke.

  2. Eric Muirhead says:

    I can’t seem to download “Now for the Longterm”. If you have it can you email me a copy?

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