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The News Gap: Rethinking the Role of Local News

 On May 2, 2007, editors felt readers should know about the latest Bush veto, as well as about contaminated feed that could affect farms nationwide. Readers disagreed, preferring to learn about Britney Spears’ sexy stage comeback and why Joan … Continue reading

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What’s Real in IT?

It’s a curious time in the land of corporate IT. On the one hand, information technology has never been more strategic, never more at the heart of the value a business creates. Yet not only has IT failed to pick … Continue reading

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The “Secret” to Successful Content

In an Atlantic article on the most popular New York Times stories of 2013, the author makes much of the fact that the top story was an app (and rightly points out a missed app opportunity in one of the … Continue reading

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We do not publish criticisms of papers published in our journal. Because science.

The December issue of Nature published a letter regarding scientific journals’ willingness to publish corrections when articles are found to be in error ( Note: paywall). They looked at 107 papers that used existing small public datasets and found that … Continue reading

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Four principles for building peace, justice and fraternity – Pope Francis

Just finished reading the Pope’s full Exhortation – quite a document & much food for thought. I’m not a Catholic, but I have to say that I’m very grateful for his leadership. One bit that I found particularly interesting was … Continue reading

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Focusing innovation on what’s real

Worth calling this out. At a panel on innovation in education, Clay Shirky cut through the blah-blah with this: “If you think about our stock keeping inside the university, there are seven big constructs: class, course, grade, credit, degree, department, … Continue reading

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